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In Search of Equipment...

M and M Investigators is currently in search of companies that need new camera/video/thermal and audio equipment field tested.  We are willing to write reviews aimed at the average person who may be interested in buying these products.  Hopefully, with the amount of hits our website gets per month, we could have a mutually beneficial relationship. If you have ideas let us know.

In other words, if you have invented or modified anything that you think will detect paranormal activity, we will test it for you and let you know how you equipment worked under real investigations. 



We can be contacted at:  mandminv[email protected]

Places We Want To Investigate

We have started a list of places we would like to investigate in the future.  If any one has any background, connections and/or places to add let us know.  This list will give the place, a brief description and the status.  Home residents or addresses will not be added unless the home owner gives the okay.

Note we cut and pasted from Shadowlands/Delaware for some of the places we want to investigate.  

Fort Delaware

Delaware City - Fort Delaware - This site (now a state park) was used to imprison Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.  Many workers and tourists have seen ghostly images, felt cold places and heard voices. On a recent "ghost tour" visitors actually saw the image of a Confederate soldier watching them from the upper ramparts.  Also on this island site was once a cemetery for soldiers who died of typhus and malaria and this is supposed to be haunted as well. 

Status-Denied-Would not promote the image that Fort Delaware is trying to attain.

***Update*** Fort Delaware has allowed Ghost Hunters from the Sci-fi Channel to investigate!!!!  This may open up future investigations for local groups (like us...hint)

Atwoods/Blue Coat Inn

Blue Coat Inn/Atwoods - Haunted at night by a older man and a young boy (appears to be a drummer boy).  The older man might be a Col. John Haslett of a Delaware Regiment.  The drummer boy has never been named!

Status-Investigation Complete-We can't say that this place is haunted but something is going on here.  We have been invited back for a follow up investigation with a pshyic.  http://www.m-and-m-investigators.org/investigationsourstories.htm

UPDATE: 5/9/07 The building known as the Blue Coat Inn has been demolished!  We will have to contact the new owners to try to obtain permission for a new investigation when a new building is built.  We would like to try to ascertain if the paranormal activity is connected to the land the building was built on or, as I suspect, to the Blue Coat Inn building itself.  This may take awhile to play out - we will let you know when something new occurs on this case.

The Governor's Mansion

The Governor's Mansion. - This building is quite haunted. Residents have reported, among others: a bewigged 18th century gentleman; a "tippling ghost" that will empty wineglasses left in a certain place; a chain-rattling ghost in the basement (supposedly the place was a stop on the underground railroad; and it's said that some slaves were sold out and recaptured); and a little girl in a red dress who plays in the gardens.

Status-Pending-We have emailed with no respose, keeping chains crossed.

Woodland Beach

Woodland Beach - early 1900s woodland beach had a boardwalk and other attractions, all that stands now of the former boardwalk is the pier ties in the water, but on a well lit night of the full moon, you can see figures walking over the water where the boardwalk used to be, maybe waiting to get on the ferry that no longer travels from there.  There are mostly homes built in the woodland beach area now, but the beach is open to the public, but keep in mind the water can rise over the bridge that leads to the beach.

Status-Investigation Complete-Check http://www.m-and-m-investigators.org/investigationsourstories.htm

Locust Grove Farm

Locust Grove Farm - A young boy was said to have died in the house in the early 1900s. The house is 152 years old. Lights, TVs turn themselves on and off. One night the toy train in the sunroom began to go around the track all by itself, and voices have been heard. Feelings of not being alone when you walk in the house are common! At night the house is never quiet, squeaks and thumps are heard.

Status-Pending-Need contact information.

Dickinson Mansion

Dickinson Mansion - John Dickinson's ghost haunts this house, recordings of sounds have been made here also.

Status-After our contacting the Director of Historical and Cultural Affairs, our request to investigate this Historic and reportedly paranormally active site was respectfully denied.

Lums Pond

Lums Pond State Park - In the early 70's a runaway girl was taken into the woods and killed here. The killer was never caught but sometimes a pleading high pitched voice and muffled screams can be heard from the woods just off the Swamp Forest hiking trail which goes around Lums Pond.

Status-Pending-We fish there on occasion and have heard screams and a woman screaming for help. 

Blevins House

Blevins house - Balls of light, voices, the feeling that you are not alone, figures walk around, spirit of a dog named Pee-Wee barks, dead neighbor walks on the property in the shape of a vortex, man with no face looks through the window of the living room, man who’s skull was crushed INSIDE a tree walks on the premises with no head supposedly looking for it.

Status-Pending-We live in Smyrna and don't know where this place is!

Update-We found it!!!! Thanks to all of our friends who took the time to research and let us know where the place is. Again thank you!

Cry Baby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge - The bridge is said to be haunted by a baby that was born deformed and his teenage mother threw him off the bridge because of his condition. He is said to have monstrously strong legs and he knocks over trees with them when he throws fits crying for his mother. There are trees fallen over all around the bridge. People go there to party and get more than what they were looking for. Car doors lock and windows roll down by themselves and the car begins to roll backwards. Once you are there, the baby doesn’t want you to leave, thinking you’re its long lost mother and it doesn’t want to lose you again.

Status-Investigation Complete-Check  http://www.m-and-m-investigators.org/investigationsourstories.htm

Union Street

Union St. - Girl in white dress floating through hallway, chairs turned around backwards, objects misplaced and moved, all electrical objects turned on.

Status-Private Residence-Pending?

Vela House

Vela House - House is built on top of a grave. You can see a young boy walking around holding funnel. Story goes that his father tied him up and poured gasoline in his mouth and around his head then lit him on fire. You can sometimes see him in the mirror for a brief second when you turn on the light.

Status-Pending-Like before we live here but don't know the location.

Christiana Fire Co. Station 3

Christiana Fire Co. Station 3 - There are 2 ghosts that haunt the firehouse.  There is one in the engineer's room that is evil and appears as a shadow in the doorway.  You can see him in the hallway going to the engineer's room.  You can also hear voices late at night if you are by yourself.  But there is another ghost, he is the protector of the station.  He is very good however, he rarely shows himself; and he keeps the evil presence in the hallway of the engineer's room.  If you go to the firehouse you can literally feel the struggle going on.

Status-Pending-Email sent waiting with our ectoplasm crossed.

Loockerman Exchange

One of our guest investigators was their for work the other day and was chatting.  Of course the haunted thing came up.  An apparition has been seen along with orbs in and out of photos.  The building has been rentavated so stuff has been stirred up.  If anyone has information about the building or can offer contact info that would be great.

Status-Complete-This place is haunted! No doubt about it.  We have been given permission to come back whenever we want to do some follow up investigations.  Check back soon.

Update-As of August 2nd 2008 another investigation was done by M-and-M-Investigators, the place is under new (local) ownership and management.  And the name will be changing too.  We will post the results as soon as we can under the link below.



Update 2013- The Loockerman is now closed.  Reason withheld!  Further Investigations seem to be on hold.

W.T. Smithers

We have been told that the "Turk" and his wife still reside in this location.  Some history on the location has revealed so interesting stuff.  It was the home of W.T. Smithers and his wife.  They never had any children.  Then converted into a funeral home and now a local bar/restaurant.  Stories of some of the past and present employees say that the "Turk" and his wife still haunt their home and make their presents know very often.  They go on to say that they have been seen all over the location.

Status-Investigation was scheduled but we never obtained confirmation.  Maybe we will try again at a later time.

Other Places of Interest

The Thomas England House in Smyrna - Met with the owner.  He had a bad experience with another paranormal group and was not interested in having another group come into the restaurant.  This is another reason we all have to hold to a high standard of quality when dealing with our clients.  Otherwise we are going to find many more doors closed in our faces.  The Thomas England House is currently for sale, the place is rich with history and possibly some ghostly residents. 

The Smyrna Opera House

Belmont Hall in Smyrna - After contacting the Director of Historical and Cultural Affairs, our request to investigate this historic and reportedly paranormally active site was respectfully declined.

Old Augustine Inn in Port Penn(submitted by Jo) Can't say how I know this, but the old Augustine Inn, in Port Penn, is reputed to be VERY haunted. This was the biker bar, now closed. The owner still apparently lives there. The upstairs is supposed to have some very cold spots, and there are some dastardly things in the cellar, from reports I've heard. My source says some UD folks tried to do paranormal research (not sure if it was you guys) and ran off because it was pretty horrible. Sounds interesting.  Have a great Halloween...


Your house!



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