SAGE: Smyrna Association
         of Ghost Erasers 

Searching for the Paranormal......!

SAGE: Smyrna Association of         
           Ghost Erasers

The new venture:  After many years of paranormal investigations, I've come to the realization that our clients need to know what is going on in their home.  They also want the paranormal activity to stop so that they can get everything back to normal.  So, to reach these goals, SAGE will be providing the following services:
Paranormal Sweep: This is a mini paranormal investigation that may include an ElectroMagnetic Field sweep, temperature monitoring, digital photography and audio recordings.
House Cleansing: SAGE will clear your home of any negative energies or paranormal activity.  Quality products and trusted techniques will leave your home feeling energetically lighter, open and comfortable.
House Blessing: What better way to begin your new life in your new home.  SAGE will bless your home and clear any energetic residual left behind by the previous owners or builders.  This is not just for new homes, this can be done whenever you need it.