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You had questions we got answers!

We have gotten some good questions in the past couple of weeks, so we will try to answer them as best we can.  We appreciate all the excellent questions! Thanks!  If you don't see your question answered here, please send it to us in an email and we will try to get an answer back to you with in a day or two.  Send your questions to:  [email protected]

If you do not find your answers here on this page check our definitions page at http://www.m-and-m-investigators.com/ourdefinitions.htm.

Question #1.

Are you guys crazy?  I would rather jump out of a plane.

Answer- Crazy? Jumping out of a plane is crazy!  If finding a ghost is crazy we don't want to be sane!  Ghost hunting is exciting and thrilling to us, everyone has their own way to get their rush, some jump out of airplanes or bungee jump.

Question #2.

Are poltergeists evil?

Answer- Poltergeists are neither evil or good.  We think that poltergeists are leftover energies that people manifest and give power to.  So if things are moving or flying around tell it to stop and 97% of the time it will.  In reality, you are telling yourself to stop giving it power. 

There is also the theory that poltergeists are not ghosts at all but a person, usually a pubescent female going through stress as well as major hormonal changes who starts to manifest telekinetic powers.  The person or agent is usually not aware that they are causing the poltergeist activity.

Question #3.

Why do orbs seem to have faces in them?

Answer- Yes, some orbs seem to have faces because they may have been someone before and they are trying to manifest themselves.  Another explanation might be that we matrix them there, that is our minds try to make sense out of what we see so we put faces in them.

Question #4.

When I take a picture I always get a white tornado looking thing on the right side of the picture, what the heck is it?

Answer- Well I think we may have a technical problem, check your camera strap!

Question #5.

How did you guys fake that "skull mist" picture?

Answer- That "skull mist" picture is not a fake!!!  That is what really showed up on the digital camera, and we even tried to recreate it but failed.  Also if you take that picture and then the next one of the "lingering mist" which were taken 30 yards apart it kinda puts things in focus for us. Besides, if you look more closely you might find other images in the picture, like by the tree. There is actually a story behind that investigation which included Matt getting scratched across his back!  That story should appear on the Investigations/Our stories page soon!

Question #6.

How do you guys investigate?

Answer- We take a very scientific role in any investigation.  We use tech and our senses to investigate any place we go.  Our tech includes thermometers, EMF meters, video and digital cameras and tape recorders.  Our senses, well many in our field don't believe in using your senses to feel for paranormal activity but we have found that a good balance of both tech and feelings makes us better ghost hunters.

Question #7

When is the best time of year to go ghost hunting?

Answer- Well any time is ok, but we have had greater success in the fall and winter, due to the static electricity in the air.  But for homes or inside investigations anytime is good, because we have a static generator.

Question #8

How much advance notice would you need to do an investigation?

Answer- Due to our jobs we are limited to the weekends and days off, but if the problem is causing a danger to you and your family we will try to accommodate.

Question #9

We have several orbs in our pictures of our son and daughter what is that?

Answer- We can not really be sure without looking at the pictures but it could be paranormal or could be dust, we really need to see the pictures.  Some questions you might ask:  Has someone died recently?  Pets, close relatives etc,  Is your camera lens clean?,  Bugs? any thing could cause that problem like light refraction or reflection.  keep us updated!

Question #10

What is the best way to find the history of a specific house/business?

Answer- We have had some luck with the deeds office.  They can give you the owners name, when and who had it built.  Also try the tax office or registry of wills. If it is/was a place of business, you might want to try the BBB to check for business licenses.  After the name of the original owner is found everything will come together.

Question #11

Orbs-I took a picture the other night and caught a "black" orb what does that mean?  I have seen other colors of orbs but never a black one is this evil?

Answer-Orbs-As you know MM does not put much stock in orbs because they naturally occur all the time and could be dust moisture or even insects.  But when colors are concerned then we are talking "orbs".  Mike has a yellow orb that follows him around all the time.  Everyone is familiar with auras; white is healthy-full of life.  So black could mean sickness or the "energy" is nearing its term of life.  So when this black orb is depleted you will most likely get some mists or smells.

Top 10 Paranormal Experiences

10.  Smells- are the most powerful of memory triggers.  Smells have been associated with the paranormal for years.  Remember that smell of a grandmothers' perfume or the pipe smell of a grandfather.  Sometimes ghosts use smell to let you know they are around.

 9.  Voices- lots of people have claimed to hear voices, sometimes children and singing.

 8.  Shadows- shadowpeople are apparitions who can't quite get it together not for the lack of trying.  The shadows are usually seen from the corner of your eye so we can never really be sure if we saw one or not.

 7.  Orbs and lights- everyone has seen orbs in photographs this is most likely due to a reflective surface the flash hit.  But some people are lucky enough to see them with the naked eye and it is quite a great experience.  There are 3 types of orb, transparent, translucent and opaque or soild.  Transparent orbs are just that see through and casts no shadows, all you see is the outside of the orb.  Translucent type orbs are a milky color and may cast a shadow and are semi-transparent.  Opaque or soild type orbs cast shadows and have there own colors.  Red. yellow, white, blue ect.  We have heard of colors in orbs, why colors?  Colors don't really mean anything bad or good.  But we have had tons of emails about black orbs, they are not orbs but shadows.  And could be explained away if given a chance.  So don't jump to conclusions be scientific and look for why you say a black or colored orb.

 6.  Music- Although quite rare, music plays a role in a persons life just like smell.  Music takes us back to a time when things were simpler and easier.  Again a memory thing and will perhaps be the begining to something paranormal.

 5.  Mists- are the remnants of a spirit.  Many people have pictures of mists but don't be fooled it may be your breath or even fog.

 4.  Moving objects-  Usually small or easily moved objects like pens, eyeglasses, chairs, pictures and etc.  You get the idea; maybe someone or thing is trying to get your attention.

 3.  Full Apparitions-  Again, very rare and if you are lucky enough to see one don't panic enjoy the ride.

 2.  Scratches-  guess what is happening?  You have infringed upon "their" space.  We will also include any manifestations that you can feel like cold, hot, hate, attitude change, slaps and kisses.  Be sure to document anything strange.  (Take Pictures! and interview the victim) All details are important no matter how small.

 1.  Something in my bed-  We can not tell you how many times we have gotten this experience relayed to us.  What is it?  We don't know.  But have you had a pet that died?  Is the bed second hand?  Did anything happen in the room your in?  The important thing here is not to panic and get upset.  Sometimes this will include the feeling of being unable to move - known as "Sleep Paralysis" or "Old Hag Syndrome".

Is Your Home Haunted?

Are you experiencing a haunting?  Well maybe, but what are the signs.  We have discovered that hauntings are progressive, meaning activity starts out small and slow and gets more active as time goes on.  Below we show what might be happening to you and why many investigators are called to do a ghost hunt.

Some of the first signs are smells-Cigar, flower, perfume and even liquor.  Basically any strange smell that you do not know as a natural smell in your home.

Smells to Noises that have not been heard before-Phantom footsteps, knocks, laughs, whispers and sometimes crying.  These noise can make you feel uneasy.   Are they trying to communticate?  Maybe!  It is very upsetting to be awoken in the middle of the night by a crying child, especially when you don't have kids.

Noise to Movement-Homeowners may experience noises of sliding chairs or notice things have moved in the course of a day.  Usually small or easy to move things get moved like chairs, jewerly, doors (opening or closing), tvs turning on or off and appliances not functioning properly

Finally, you catch a shadow, mist or a figure that you see out the corner of your eye.  Your not crazy!  These things happen and should be investigated.  Full apparitions or ghosts may appear as if they are alive going about their daily business.  They are usually dressed in the clothing of their day.  Now children usually see things first, this is why we are called, because the parents are concerned!  Our group is made up of parents, Mike has 2, Matt has 3, Vicky has 1, Chris has 1, Lilly has 5.  So we are concerned as well when things happen to children because they can't determine what is real (physical) and what is not so real(paranormal).  Many parents dismiss this event as a imaginary friend, just watch this very carefully.

What kind of homes can be haunted?

Any home (new or old) may be haunted or experience paranormal activity.  We have been working on the theory that paranormal activity is not just based in places that death or other psychic trauma has occurred inside.  Remember that the land is well....older than dirt.  Who knows what kind of things have happened on the land over the past Billion years.

Below are the kind of locations you may find paranormal activity.  They are in no particular order but we thought it was interesting nonetheless.

Graveyards or cemeteries

Old bars or taverns.  Like the  Loockerman Exchange or Attwoods in Dover,DE

Motels, hotels-  If only these walls could talk!

Museums and opera houses - some ot this could be explained by what is on display (i.e. other than value, why do you think they keep the Hope Diamond under such tight security measures?) 

Old hospitals- Mike works at one! (Boy the things I have seen and felt!)

Forts, abanded prisons, battlefields- Fort Delaware, Eastern State Penn, Gettysburg

Historical Homes- Delaware is filled with these, from Wilmington to Lewis.

We have also found that "things" we buy are sometimes haunted as well.  Be very careful of yardsales and antiques shops.  We are not saying don't ever buy anything from these places, but be careful of the item that just seems to call you.  Not all things sold at these places are haunted.  We have just found that sometimes activity seems to increase after a particular item is bought and brought home.  If you find that this is the case, you may want to consider finding that item a new home!

Hope we helped a little!

Matt and Mike

What does M and M consider a haunting?

We are frequently asked the question: What do you consider a haunting?  What makes you say that a place is haunted after you have investigated?

We at M and M Investigators do not make a determination regarding outcome of the investigation until every last piece of data has been reviewed.  We will then look at all of the data that has been pulled out as having evidence of possible paranormal activity.  It is the quantity and quality of the data with possible paranormal activity that determins the outcome of the investigation.  We also take the personal experiences of the investigators into account when making our outcome determination.  Another factor in determining the outcome is can we debunk or validate what the client has told us they have experienced.

For a place to be considered haunted, we have to have the following data collected in our investigation:

1) Video with possible paranormal activity (at least unexplainable by any means we can think of) 

2) Pictures with possible paranormal activity

3) EVPs - Especially if we capture a large number +/or they are Class A EVPs

4) Anomalous EMF and Temperature readings - Making sure there are no electrical sources for the EMF and A/C or heater vents and such for the temperature variations.

5) Personal experiences of the investigators - This could be anything from paranormal smells, sounds, seeing shadows to being scratched and pushed (that's always fun!  Just a warning...we have found they seem to be able to pick out the weakest one of the group.  So, if you are sick or have a minor injury - you may want to sit the investigation out until you are whole again).

6) Validating the client's reported experiences - This is always great to capture evidence of what the client says is going on.  Then you can reassure them that they really aren't losing their minds!  This is not a requisite criteria for determining a place haunted but it definitely helps.


If we do not have at least numbers 1 through 5 we cannot consider the place to be haunted.  There may be some degree of paranormal activity occurring in the place but not to the degree of a true haunting.  Now, we can only make this determination with the data that we collect on the investigation (approximately 6 hours).  We do return to do a reinvestigation of some places to continue our research and attempt to confirm or add to the findings of our early investigation.


I hope this answers the question of the "Big H" word.

Mike and Matt



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