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These are our definitions and explanations of normal and paranormal activities that we have encountered during  our ghost hunting investigations.  Our definitions may not be Webster's worthy but we do try. And we will update and change the definitions as we gather evidence.  The medical definitions are a combination from Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and many years of experience in the medical field.

Accommodation  1) generally meaning adjustment or adaptation; 2) as related to one of our more sensitive tools - our eye(s) it is the ability of our eye to adjust the amount of light entering it, the curvature of the lens +/or the shape of the eye itself to be able to focus at different distances.

Acephalo (prefix) without a head.

Achromacyte a decolorized erythrocyte (red blood cell) hemoglobin which makes the cell red in color is lacking.  Synonym: Achromatocyte, Ghost Corpuscle.

Amorphous without a distinct form.

Angel  a supernatural being that may act as an intermediary between a person and their god.  Can be messangers, guardians, do the god's bidding, etc.  The Christian Bible notes many classes of angels. 

Anomaly something outside the normal or expected.

Ante Mortem latin meaning before death.

Apparitions are the "Holy Grail" of the ghost hunter.  A ghostly form that can be seen.  This is a chance to have photographic evidence and/or video evidence of a spirit manifestation of someone who has lived in physical form and now resides in the non-physical but may not know it.  Types of Apparitions: Crisis Apparition - apparitions of a person at a moment of crisis in their life or at the time of impending death.  Apparition appears to person's loved ones to let them know of the person's death; Apparitions of the Dead - the dead coming back to comfort the living or to give information about unfinished business; Collective Apparitions - seen by more than one person at the same time; Reciprocal Apparitions - similar to an out of body experience, the person/agent of the apparition has a deep need to be with a certain person, the agent will seem to be transported to the place the person of their deep need is and both will be able to see each other; Deathbed Apparitions - seen by the dying shortly before death, angels, religious figures, dead loved ones, etc, they seem to call the dying person to the afterlife; Apparitions Suggestive of Reincarnation - apparitions of a dead person to a family to inform them it will be born to them shortly.

Apport an object that appears in the presence of a medium or spiritual adept as though it had materialized from thin air.

Asport the opposite of apport; an object that is alledgedly made to disappear into thin air.

Asystole without a heartbeat.

Aura  1) a sensation some epileptics experience prior to a seizure.  It may be psycic or a sensory hallucination of smell, taste, sight or sound.  Also some migraine sufferers experience visual sensory phenomenon.  2) the complex electrical field that surronds every living thing.  We have found that certain colors mean different things, such as red might mean you are outgoing, blue may mean you are not. 

Banshee a female death omen spirit of Ireland and Scotland that attaches itself to families.  The Banshee is said to sing or wail loudly when a member of the family is going to die. 

Black Death decribes a condition in the Middle Ages when massive epidemics occurred in Europe characterized by abrupt onset, fever, and chills.  Bubonic or Pneumonic Plague.

Brownie  a helpful spirit that may do chores for the family while they sleep.  The only payment they will accept/expect is milk and a small amt of food.  If you make the brownie mad, it can get very troublesome for the family...instead of chores, it may do pranks and other mischief.

Cadaver a corpse or a body used for dissection.

Cadaverous resembling, especially having the color or appearance of a corpse.

Calling Ghosts Ghosts of the dead that call out the names of the living to get their attention and lure them to their death.

Channeling a type of mediumship in which a person allows themselves to be taken over by another personality while they are in a trance state.  Channeling may include interactions with angels, demons, nature spirits, totems, guardian spirits, deities, extraterrestrials, etc.

Clairvoyance paranormal vision of objects, events, places and people that are not visible through normal sight.

Cognition "Awareness with perception, reasoning, intuition, and memory; the mental process by which knowledge is aquired."

Demon - a spirit or fallen angel that may interfere in the lives of people.  From the Greek Daimon who were thought to be intercedants between the Gods and man.  There were Good and Evil Daimons.  In Christianity, all Demons are evil.  Hauntings caused by Demons frequently result in injuries, severe depression, suicides, possesion, etc.

Demonology The study of Demons.  (John Zaffis, Ed and Lorraine Warren are Well known Demonologists)

Ectoplasm photographic anomalies such as white mists or fogs that have no known explanation and are possibly evidence of paranormal activity.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)  The energy field of the Earth.  It causes the compass to point north, surrounds each living thing and fluctuations in the EMF may indicate paranormal activity.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) ghostly voices captured on audio recording.

Electronic Noise Phenomenon (ENP) a sub division of evps, described as disembodied footsteps, rocking noises basically any noise that is not a voice.  This is a new sub-classification that we have discovered and have decided to name this classification.

Exorcism expelling the ghosts, spirits, demons, or any other entities haunting an area.  Many different rituals or forms exist depending on religions and entities haunting the area. 

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Paranormal sensing of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Includes Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition.

Fetch In English and Irish folklore it is a person's double.  Depending on when the fetch is seen, it can be a good or bad omen.  A fetch may be seen as a crisis apparition.

Fetish an object belived to embody spirits or be inhabited by, or attached to them.  It represents the spirit to it's owner and creates the link between the human and supernatural worlds.  It may be an amulet made of an animal tooth, polished stones, or a doll.  It may even be a sacred space used to communicate with the spirits.

Ghosts are what we are looking for!!   Basically,  ghost are the essence of a person that has remained after their physical body has died.  Ghosts can be interactive or memory and may be experienced with any of our normal senses

Ghost Lights light anomalies usually in ball shape and a variety of colors that have been reported in remote areas, usually associated with local paranormal folklore.

Ghost Sickness an illness possibly leading to death, thought to be caused by a ghost immediately or shortly after the person's death.  Children are thought to be the most suseptable as their souls are not as firmly attached to their bodies and are less strong.

Gremlins spirits, usually associated with airplanes (originating with military and expanding to civilian) and felt to be the explanation for many of the mechanical failures that occur for no known reason.  Similar to Brownies and Kobolds.

Grey Ladies Ghosts of women who usually appear in shades of grey, black or brown.  These women usually have died for love, whether violently or pined away, and they are haunting a house to be reunited with the love they so desparately wish to be with.  (ex. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall)

Guardian Spirit your own individual protective spirit whos purpose is to guard and guide you on your path through this life.  Thought to be either with you from birth or aquired (i.e. by  a process such as a vision quest) and may be animal or human.

Knocker (English)/Tommyknocker(American) Usually a friendly, helpful, spirit found in mines.  Called knockers because of the knocking sound they make, supposed to be the sound of the spirits working in the mine.  Similar to brownies, if they are not given food and tallow they may beoome mischievious or even evil.

Kobold a spirit of German origin.  The house kobold is similar to the English Brownie and will do chores but will get upset and mischievious when food is not left out for it.  The mine kobold is the evil cousin of the Knocker and the Tommyknocker.  They are almost always malicious and cause mine accidents to stop the miners. 

Manifestation is the gathering energies of a paranormal source, to become visible in our physical world.

Memory Sight is a "shadow" of something you have seen earlier and your eyes have just taken a long time to process.  Not that this is the only explaination but it suits for now.  Send us shadow images and let us look at them.

Mists are smoke-like occurrances that can be attributed to ecto-plasm dispersion or a regrouping or forming of an entity.  Mist can be smoke, fog, and even your breath.  Real mists seem to have a gray or blue color where smoke may have more of a yellow or white look.

Orbs are natural occurring energy "balls".  Orbs can be manifestations, dust, dew, pollen or moisture.  Basically we don't put much stock in orbs but some are cool to look at on film.  Orbs have been seen in different colors, to our knowledge this means nothing.  Colors are just the infrared spectrum you so happen to catch at the time of the picure.  Now orbs in video that seem to have their own light source is a totally different thing, not saying if you caught a orb on video that is is you grandmother but it may be considered.

Plasma Strings are, like orbs, naturally occurring strings or streaks of colors that some say are warps between the physical and non-physical world.  We have seen yellow, green and red so far and only in cemetaries.

Shadows or shadow people and dark figures that appear usually out of the corner of your eye.  These have been a subject of conversation for many years, are they ghosts or apparitions?  No one really knows it could be something else like what we call memory sight.

Vortex   A swirling mass of ectoplamsic energy, possibly a ghost attempting to manifest or a doorway/portal to another plane of existance.

If you have questions that need answers please check our paranormal answers page, you never know the answer you seek just might be there.



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