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Think you have "ghosts"?  Do "things" go bump in the night?  Do normally inanimate objects seem to move on their own?  Or have you actually seen a spirit manifestation in your home?  Let us help, you help us.  We will come investigate homes in the Delaware area to help try to explain what is occurring in your home.  This will also give us the opportunity to obtain material  for our own paranormal research. 

So email us at

[email protected]

to send mail copy and paste  

Mike 302-632-9503

Matt 302-233-3404


If you call us and get no answer please leave a message!!  We will call you back as soon as we can!

                                                                             What we need is a little time!!

Tell us a little bit about what you have seen, heard or experienced in your home.  It would also be helpful if you had any history on the home, but not absolutely necessary.  We will contact you either by email or by phone to give you advice or setup a interview to discuss your problem.

We know that it is hard to admit that you may have a paranormal problem, so we have instituted a privacy clause.  What this means is that if you don't want your name to appear here on the website than so be it.  If you do not want your address to appear here, no problem.  Basically, we want research evidence  to prove or disprove the paranormal, we do not want to upset or embarrass anyone.


How we roll.....

A lot of you have asked the same question and instead of answering it on the paranomal answers page we decided to answer it here.

Question: What is the process of you guys coming to my house and doing an investigation?

Answer: Our process is simple.  Like we said before our investigations are free of charge but we do need some of your time.  First, we set up an interview either by phone or in person, this is to get some background information about the problem.  Second, we may come to your home or business and "Check Out" what we need to bring so we can conduct a proper and thorough investigation.  Next, we will pick a date and time that is good for everyone.  After that, we will get our ducks in a row and conduct the investigation, this could last from 2-6 hours depending on the size of the place.  Finally, we check out the evidence, and set up an appointment to show you what we got!  It is that simple.  Now remember that sometimes we win and sometimes we loose when it comes to getting good evidence, in other words there is no guarantee of paranormal evidence.  We will not fake or manufacture evidence for any reason.

By the way we will never charge you!! Not for the investigation, not for the reveal,  nothing!


If you want to see how we roll go see our documentary on our videos page at http://www.m-and-m-investigators.org/videos.htm

Update!!!  We have been asked (alot lately) if we use Ouija boards and/or se'ances in our investigations.  NO we have never and will never use these devices for investigations.  In fact, we have been asked to fix such problems.  8/29/09

Below is Mikes Halloween interview 2017. Copy to browser. Enjoy


You Submit

Do you have paranormal stories, pictures, recordings or even videos?  Send them to us and we will take a look and maybe even post them on our site. 

Send to our email address at [email protected]

Tastefull submissions only!!!



After an investigation is completed, a house blessing/cleansing can be requested to help clear the residence of paranormal activity that is troublesome to the homeowner.  We have been performing this service for our clients and we have had a very good success rate..  Please note that not every home will require a house blessing/cleansing. 

How do we determine if a House blessing/cleansing is neccessary:

  • weight of evidence from the investigation
  • history from the homeowner
  • personal experiences during the investigation
  • "physical" evidence
  • misc. details

There is no fee for this service but a donation would be accepted to offset our supply fees. .





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