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Mike L. Co-Founder/Paranormal Specialist

 I am in my mid fifties.  Married to a wonderful woman for about thirty some-odd years (how she's put up with me that long I don't know!), we have a set of twins, currently in college pursuing their degree in Nursing..  I have worked in the medical field for many years.  Starting with three years working for a veterinarian and now currently in nursing for over thirty years. 

With my background of science and logic I became intrigued when I had an experience in which I saw a woman standing in an office across from mine.  Then, she just wasn't there anymore.  I was hooked from that time on.  I believe that if you keep an open mind to the possibility of ghosts, it will increase the chance that you will actually have some ghostly experience.  I don't believe in being so open minded that your brain falls out but a healthy dose of skepticism allows me to logically analyze the material we obtain on our "ghost hunting" outings.

Matt H. Co-Founder/Paranormal Specialist/Ordained Minister

I am a husband of a patient and beautiful woman and father of 3 wonderful children.  My background consists of a degree in the Criminal Justice field and tech skills of creating and building.  Basically if I see it (and I have the MONEY) I can recreate just about anything with improvements.

Why I do what I do?

First, I have always been able to see and feel things that I could not really explain, even from a young age.  Then my middle daughter has an "imaginary friend".  We later found out the friend was my grandmother and even went as far as to go to a psychic to be sure.  And thank the gods my daughter is not nuts, she really gets visited by her great-grandmother.  So I thought why not try to prove the "feelings" I get with some scientific evidence and try to make sense out of all this.  So here we are!!!

Our Group

Vicki H.  (Wife) - Reserve Investigator

Charlotte L. (Wife) - Reserve Investigator

Sara F. - Lead Investigator/Research

Michelle L.-Investigator/Occult Specialist/Ordained Minister

We also have several others, behind the scenes, who possess different skills that help us with our investigations.  

Sara F. - Lead Investigator/Research

I'm a 40 something year old Mom with a teenage daughter. Scary enough, eh? I have a great close knit family who's part Native roots can be traced back to at least the late 1700's in Delaware and New Jersey. During the day I work for a company utilizing my degree in Communications/Public Relations, and also provide freelance graphic design in my off time. I've always been in touch with the spiritual side that all of us have, when it comes to feeling or seeing uncomfortable or uncommon things. Growing up, there were several close family members that nurtured this sense, making me feel comfortable with the experiences I had. Over time I also found that if you leave yourself "open" to anything, unwanted stuff can happen. As long as I ask to be protected by the light of God, I can find comfort in believing that there is a world of the paranormal that can be investigated. I can also be a tough skeptic, and will search for a number of facts or reasonable explanations that can back up, debunk, or verify my experience or sense.

Michelle L.-Investigator/Occult Specialist

I am in my thirties, married to a great man and we have two wonderful teenage sons. My family is what I consider to be the most important thing in my life and my favorite hobby is any activity that we are spending quality time together. I work as a chef and part-time massage therapist in a building that was a funeral home for decades (not a surprise). I grew up in old historic homes all my life and I have experienced the paranormal as long as I can remember. It is wonderful to know that there are other people that share the same curiosity of the paranormal. I use different forms of sensory perception for my paranormal research. It just depends on what “frequency” I perceive that individual spirit. I was raised Christian, but soon became interested in studying many other religions & “pagan” belief systems. I am a Reiki Master and I’m certified in energy healing and chakra work, and have training in guided meditation, herbalism, and many forms of divination.


Some of you have written in to us and asked why do you hunt ghosts, aren't you scared, are you crazy?  Well, we hunt because of our own experiences that we have had.  We want to know why things happen and to get proof of these things that have occurred.  Both of our experiences have lead us here.  Yeah, we get scared or creeped out but that is because of the elements we put ourselves into.  Think of it you are in a dark house, everything is quiet, you ask a question and BOOM! a book falls off the shelf.  That does not mean a ghost knocked it off but it would scare you.  Heck I sometimes get scared just driving to Wilmington, but that does not mean its haunted.  And yes we are crazy!  We are all crazy in our own way.  You might like rollercoasters, bungie jumping or skydiving. Our thrill is hunting for the paranormal. 

Anyway, thanks for the comments and sign our guest book or send us an email when you get a chance.

Happy Hauntings!

M & M

Our News Articles


Mid-State Living October 2007

Searching for spirits -- and answers

Smyrna ghost hunting group works to debunk or confirm paranormal activity

Special to Midstate Living

Mike Lewis looked down at his hands, his brow furrowed in thought.

"We're searching for answers," he said a few seconds later. "Many people, including us, have experienced things that there are no simple answers for. We're not satisfied with just accepting that, so we're looking for explanations in as methodical and scientific a way as we can."

Across the room Matt Heverin nodded.

"Our main goal," he said, "is to help people understand what it is that they have experienced."

Lewis and Heverin are ghost hunters based out of Smyrna; paranormal investigators who search attics, basements, hallways and rooms for signs of spirits that, they say, have remained tied to the earth. A couple of years ago, they founded M-and-M-Investigators and began searching for reasons to explain strange voices in empty spaces, ghostly forms, or a sensed presence in Delaware homes and businesses.

Even though they have spent thousands of dollars on high-tech audio gear and infrared cameras, the group doesn't charge for investigations.

"We feel that charging people for what we do would damage our credibility," Lewis said.

"I suppose you can think of it as a community service to help individuals with home or business hauntings," said Vicky Pratt, a nurse who serves as the team's lead investigator.

"We're not doing this for money," Heverin said, "because we do it to help people who have questions and to further the research in this field."

Lewis, Heverin, Pratt -- and those who volunteer to help them -- are aware that not everyone believes there are spirits trapped on earth. On more than one occasion each of them has been asked if they are crazy.

They aren't.

"But it's fair to say that we are very passionate about what we do," Pratt said.

Some detractors have told them they will likely go to Hell when they die because of their beliefs. That strikes them as ironic. They say detractors who believe in the existence of Satan, devils and angels, refuse to admit the possibility that other spirits exist.

With the exception of one team member -- resident skeptic Chris Carrow -- the men and women who work with Lewis, Heverin and Pratt became interested in the paranormal after experiencing events that defy conventional explanation. Pratt, for example, lived in a house with some extraordinary properties.

"I have always had an interest in the afterlife," she explained, "but I lived in a very haunted house that left me wanting more answers. I actually started recording [spirits] at my old house. They would answer what they wanted and speak what was on their minds. I accepted it as having another family co-existing on a different plane than what we are on."

The belief in the existence of spirits has been a staple of humanity's written and oral traditions since the earliest known societies. Shakespeare, for example, cautions against the easy dismissal of spirits when he has the Danish Prince Hamlet tell a companion, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in all of your philosophy."

"The spiritual realm has always been in existence, but not everyone believes that it does because they have never had contact with someone who has died," said Lilly McGuirer, a psychic who sometimes works with the team. "The thing is, not everyone who has passed away and remains tied to the earth wants to get back in touch with people they once knew. They have remained behind because they have something unfinished that still needs doing."

Lewis, Heverin, Pratt, McGuirer and others who make up the M-and-M-Investigators team believe that such spirits exist, but they also retain some skepticism.

"I have a nursing background," Lewis said, "so when someone comes to us with a problem, the first thing I do is start methodically looking for a natural reason for the phenomenon. If I go through that process and rule out everything else, then I start to see if there is a paranormal explanation."

He smiled.

"I have an open mind about these things, but it's not so open that my brains fall out," he said.

Heverin agreed. Some of their investigations have turned up logical explanations for what some homeowners thought were unexplainable phenomena.

"We've debunked a few things," he said.

But they also have had brushes with what they believe is the spiritual world.

Even Carrow, a college-educated chemist, admits to having had one such brush with the supernatural while doing an investigation at a well-known Dover tavern. The atmosphere in the tavern's basement was so spooky that at one point he recalled turning to Heverin and saying, "There's a party going on here and we weren't invited. It's time to leave."

Heverin said he and other team members have had experiences they could only call "extraordinary" at one time or another. He said he has been scratched by something he couldn't see and Lewis recalls being pushed by an unseen hand. Both say during an investigation, they saw a form materialize in the air, though they each describe a different shape. They have also recorded voices and taken some ghostly photographs (they are posted on their Web site).

Those incidents have raised their heartbeats now and then, they said.

"I cannot say that I have been frightened on an assignment. Startled, yes; frightened, no," Pratt said. "Normal haunts don't bother me ... [but] you never know what you are going to walk up on or what's going to walk up on you."

Delaware State News Article

Published: Jul 21, 2006 - 10:57:00 pm EDT

Smyrna duo hunts for ghosts; Night cameras, tape recorders aid in spirit searches

Mike Lewis, left, and M-and-M-Investigators partner Matt Heverin discuss an image posted on their Web site that they captured at night in the Silver Lake cemetery. The pair use night vision cameras, tape recorders, motion detectors and static generators to search for paranormal activity in Delaware.

SMYRNA - If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?


If there's something weird, and it don't look good, who you gonna call?


The Smyrna-based business, run by Mike Lewis and Matt Heverin, is like Delaware's own version of "The Ghostbusters."

Armed with night vision cameras, tape recorders, motion detectors and static generators, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Heverin search for paranormal activity in Delaware.

The local ghost hunters take great satisfaction in their work, and said they won't declare a place haunted without collecting plenty of evidence.

"We try to pride ourselves on doing a good job and trying to maintain our integrity," Mr. Lewis said.

"We're not going to fake anything, because we want to do this for research value."

The duo has spent about $1,500 on equipment, but do not charge for their investigations.

They said they started their business to feed their curiosity, not their bank accounts.

"We don't want to charge for this, because that cheapens us," Mr. Heverin said.

He and Mr. Lewis established M-and-M-Investigators last fall, but they have been interested in paranormal activity for years.

Mr. Lewis said he became curious about the afterlife through his career as a nurse at the Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill in Smyrna.

"I had experiences that kind of drew me in," he said. "Some of the patients knew when they were going to die, and I wondered how they knew that."

Mr. Heverin said his interest in the paranormal peaked after his grandmother died and his young daughter claimed that she was being visited by her ghost.

Both men believe that spirits are composed of electricity that is left over after a person dies, which is why they use static generators to search for signs of paranormal activity.

They use tape recorders to catch sounds that they say aren't audible to the human ear and they use video cameras and photographs to capture spooky images.

Their Web site - www.m-and-m-investigators.com - is filled with evidence from their ghost hunts.

One of their favorite photos is from Silver Lake Cemetery. The image, taken last year, depicts an eerie mist circulating around the graves.

Mr. Heverin said there was no fog that night, and it was too warm to have atmospheric mist.

He and Mr. Lewis know there's no way they can prove that such images are supernatural in nature, so they let people draw their own conclusions.

"I'm not out to change other people's beliefs," Mr. Lewis said. "I do it for my own curiosity. I would like to know for sure that there's something else (after death)."

Visit www.m-and-m-investigators.com to learn more about M-and-M-Investigators and to access photos and audio clips from their investigations.



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