SAGE: Smyrna Association
         of Ghost Erasers 

Searching for the Paranormal......!

E.V.P.s 4

Don't forget to turn up your sound and listen closely.  The only thing we do with the EVPs is amplify and equalize them so that you can hear them a little better.  We tell you what we think they say, but they don't the same to everyone.  Let us know what you think.

Case # DE071213 Private Residence Dover, DE


1) A child is in the house!  Not any of ours!

2) More little girl

3) One of our investigators was repeating from a video we had watched earlier and a bad word came up and the girl who is there seems to notice..her response is "cuss"

4) The clients name is "Jenny", Matt make a poor Forest Gump impression and says JenNa, next you hear a girl say "Jennnnnnny"

5) We think the kid that is here likes to tap dance


Case # DE080611 Private Residence Dover, DE


1)Above-Captured in the first 18 seconds of the investigation..sounds like "hey david" or "hey baby"

2)Above-Classic moaning and footsteps..no one was in the house at the time of capture.

3)Above-Answer to a question!



Walk Thru-tour for case #121110

During our initial tour, with our host Chris, we captured almost 15 evps in about an hour.  We were very surprised at some of the evps.  We have posted four of the best.

1-"fan out"tourfanout.wav
2-"get out"tourgetout.wav
3-"we telling u"tourwetellingyou.wav

Proceed..below for more evps from the actual investigation case # 121110 Historic Delaware Building

Case# 121110 Historic Delaware Building

-The investigation had just started and Matt just put his voice recorder down.  He walks away (footsteps) and a voice that says "Go Home"

-"don't lie to me"

-We don't get names to often..let alone a full name but we got 2 on this investigation..this one "Hank Haggard", (real soft near the start)

-Two investigators are about to climb up some stairs and we hear "Fallin" maybe what happened to this poor soul?

-This is the other name we were able to hear, we think "Harry Freemont" and then he says more but it kind of drops off.

-"They love peoples in here"

We captured over 30 evps during this investigation the above 6 were the best!


Case# MD032010


Here's what we think the above EVPs are saying: above

1) It's just not an investigation until we get one of these..."get out!"

2) Either "why you gonna hit me?' or "I ain't gonna hit ya"

3) Something trying to scare us?  They have to do better than "Boo!"

4)This was the response to Matt's provoking.  I guess we know what they think of him..."F...ing tough!"




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