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EVP's 3

Again everyone you will need to turn up your speakers!  Our Evp's are natural and only enhanced by amplification and equalization.  We do not claim that everyone will hear the same things we hear, so let us know what you think.

We have reworked the page!! Instant evps!

Absecon Lighthouse, Atantic City, NJ

1-Above-Someone wants a "lollipop" and listen closely at the end, they just might get one.

2-Above-"I'm here for you".


4-Above-Some kind of song...can you make it out?

5-Above-"God bless you".

6-Above-"Just walk".

7-Above-"Pay attention" or you may miss it.  We think that this evp may be telling us to look outside of the keepers watch, where we captured a picture a of a ghost flag.  Also after this evp we had an evp session that lasted over an hour.  During this time we recieved reponses for our questions, in forms of  knocks, whistles and footsteps... on request.

8-Above-Some lives on the 5th and 6th landing here at the light house.




Leones' Loockerman Exchange (Part 3)

1-Above-Vicki H. was heading to the bathroom area near the dancefloor and thought Vicky P. was behind her, when she found out that no one was behind her she yelled out.

2-Above-Dancefloor- sounds like someone needs help from there momma

3-Above-Dancefloor-sounds like a conversation between a little girl and boy.  Kinda cute!

4-Above-Dancefloor-sounds like an invitation to play.

5-Above-a different language or just something strange.




Dagsboro, DE-Private Residence

1-Above-Seems to be a womans voice towards the end of this clip that can not be accounted for, not really sure what is being said. Could be a response to the investigator.

2-Above-We always seem to get a "get out" of some kind but this time with we seem to have a tired voice..."Just get out"

3-Above-This one is kind of funny..seems one of our investigators was walking up and down the hallway and got invited to dance.



1-Above-We asked for some knocks and we got some.

2-Above-Several minutes before this evp was captured an investigator asked "what is your favorite color?", it must have been thinking for a while and then we got an answer.

3-Above-Little bit disturbing...breathing!

4-Above-One of our investigators said "well I guess I just leave", then...

5-Above-Listen close you will her a question.



1-Above-Just something strange but kinda funny.  This was the first evp of the night...we think it says something like "beans".

2-Above-Seems like whatever is here wants to play.

3-Above-Typical ghost saying ..."Boo!"

4-Above-A nice response, wait until the end of the clip.

5-Above-Shawn in the way of a camera and an evp that thinks "he is Acting Coooky!"

6-Above-Wanting to be heard.




Private-Residence-Delaware Street-Smyrna, DE

#1-Above-Question asked and then answered.

#2-Above-Seems to think Mike is their "Daddy".

#3-Above-Our clients have a cat named Walley, who liked to rub up against a ball we had staged.

#4-Above-We were speechless when this one was found...we named it "fear".





#1-Above-Ghostbox-Not really sold on the ghostbox idea yet because of the randomness of what we get.  We may give this another try or maybe make it better.

#2-Above-Sounds like a clip from the Wizard of Oz.

#3-Above-This was captured when no one was around.  Little girl maybe? Asking a question and wanting to be heard!

#4-Above-The homeowners had made some soup for us and it seems that "they" knew it.

#5-Above-Our most compelling EVP for this case. 



Lepsic, DE

#1-Above-Seems like the "owner"of the boat won't allow any of us a ride.

#2-Above-After chasing around a KII hit for about a half hour, our newest investigators captured an answer.


Leones' Loockerman Exchange

#1-Above-One of our investigators had walked by an alcove and did not stop to say hello.  We think it says "comeback".

#2-Above-The question was asked did you die here and the response.  We think it says "Grandpa died here".

#3-Above-Appears to be a child asking for his/her parents.  Sounds like "Mommy and daddy".

#4-Above-The investigator asked about the age of the "child".  We think there is an answer.

#5-Above-One of the previous owners was named Pricilla and it seems she told us her name this time.

#6-Above-After much debate we have not come to a conclusion on this one, we think it says either "wallflower" or "wildfire".  If it is wildfire than maybe that could explain some of the fires this building has had over the years.

#7-Above-The above are really something to hear. Not to nice.

#8-Above-Hello or alone.

#9-Above-Sara had been trying to get some response by being real nice, saying we are not here to hurt you.  But he said "I can hurt you".




Private Residence-Hockessin, DE

#1-Above-Strange to hear a voice that seems to see something they don't understand.  We hear something about "machines and you",  it seems they are confused by the equipment we have attached to us.

#2-Above-Listen towards the end and you will hear a more gruff voice say "please don't go".

#3-Above-"Hiopots"  a strange word not used anymore unless you are a "Harry Potter" fan.  Hiopots are small ceramic bubbles or boxes that children would break on the ground and find candy and small gifts.  This jives with the area of Hockessin, were the investigation took place.

#4-Above-Lilly our medium was asking questions about the status of the person she has been in contact with, listen to her ask the questions and she will say what the evp says.  Again she is right!

#5-Above-Seems we have singing kids here.  Very happy and having a good time.

#6-Above-Listen after the bang..."turn around".



Private Residence-Marydel, DE

#1-Above-Girl saying "Help us"

#2-Above-"God help us"

#3-Above-"Black holes"

#4-Above-"9 months"

#5-Above-"Can you hear me know"




Private Residence-Clayton, DE

#1-Above-"I'm not telling "

#2-Above-"Please calm down"

#3-Above-"They spent it"

#4-Above-"Your kind to kind to me"





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