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Evps 2

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R & R Reality-Dover, DE

#1-Above-This evp goes with the orb video on the videos page, we thought it sounded like an old women possible accent.

#2-Above-Kinda weird but really cool!

#3-Above-Mike had just stated that he had seen a black and tall shadow whip around a corner, he flashed a picture ( captured a black and tall shadow), then on the recorder we heard later someone saying black and tall.

#4-Above-At first when we heard this one it sound like "dead man walkin" but after we heard it a couple of 100 times we determined that it was saying "upstairs walking".

#5-Above-This one is strange it appears to say a name and then a bunch of other things.

#6-Above-Sounds like an opera singer.

#7-Above-Matt had said at the end of the investigation I guess it is "Millertime" and sounds like who ever said this evp agreed.

The following evps (#s 8,9) are before and after one of our investigators was scratched on her shoulder.  The pictures of her shoulder should be posted on the Ghostly Photos4 page. (links at bottom)

#8-Above-Vicki H. had just came in to the investigation and this evp was captured.

#9-Above- She had seen a shadow and followed it very quickly to a door of a small room, after this her she said her shoulder was very hot.




Harrington, DE-Business

#1-Above-We heard another strange noise that startled Vicky, so Matt challenged it and called it a coward.  This evp was followed by a 6 minute emf spike.

#2-We thought the water had turned on and Mike says "I think the water just turned on" but listen under his voice.

#3-Above-Are there wolves in Harrington?

#4-Above-Telling IT to leave and we got this response...


Private Residence-Clayton Farmhouse

#1-Above-Question from a little girl?

#2-Above-Another question?

#3-Above-Something about a daddy.

#4-Above-We were investigating a bump that was heard, and an investigator asked who made that?

#5-Above-Two of our investigators were getting tired and a little silly, laughing and joking.  It seems the voice was enjoying too.


Private Residence-New Castle, DE

Your speakers may have to be turned up for these!

#1-Above-Female voice "he's not the devil"

#2-Above-Male voice "hold me"

#3-Above-A stray laugh, all were accountable!

#4-Above-The clients name was Keisha and her nickname from her grandparents was "Keekee".

#5-Above-Grandmother had a thing about her feet.

#6-Above-This was said alot while Keisha was growing up!



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