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What are EVPs?

Welcome to our EVPs page!  First, turn up your speakers, then listen closely and finally have an open mind.  Our evps are put on this page and presented to our clients exactly we hear them.  All we do is amp them up a little and try to get some of the static cleaned up.  Most evps (electronic voice phenomenon) need static to be heard and others are just as clear as any other voices.  There are 3 classes of evps: A,B, and C.  Class A- would be your clearer sounding voices with little or no static and they most of the time answer our questions.  Class B- are not as clear and seem to be random voices very rarely answering questions but they may seem to have emotion.  Class C- are very hard to hear they have more static.

One last thing... most people who hear evps don't hear what we hear and won't hear what other people hear so like we said before have an open mind!

 We have reworked the evp pages, they should load more quickly.

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Denton Investigation 2

Above-We revisited the Denton residence to try to capture more evidence of the paranormal.  We did not get the same amount as last time but we did capture a few evps. 

Denton, MD. Private Home

#1-Above-Sounds like "Momma"

#2-Above-"Help Me"

#3-Above-"No More"


#5-Above-"I'm not dead"

#6-Above-"Hate" and something else


Lockerman Exchange in Dover, DE

#1-Above-Investigator was asking for coffee and you hear and something say "Coffee".

#2-Above-2 investigators meet a third (all male) in the basement and a womans voice is heard.

#3-Above-Not quite sure what this says but it sounds like a warning.

#4-Above-Listen closely, this evp has at least 2 different voices, One says "Everybody knows"..then another voice says "you told" and the first comes back and says "its you" twice.

#5-Above-Come out and fight me.

#6-Above-"Hit you" or "hate you"

#7-Above-Very strange this evp sounds like 1 we captured from Attwoods in Dover, upon some research we discovered that the same family owned both at different times in history.

#8-Above-A whisper of "hear us".

#9-Above-This one is strange...sounds like "it was an accident" but we can also get with different adjustments "he used an axe on us".  Let us know!

#10-Above-Very disturbing! Many things going on at one time.  The first thing is I am going to stab you with this, then a scream, a man threating the woman.

#11-Above-An investigator walked into a picture in the 2nd basement and said she was sorry, then you hear a child singing.

#12-Above-Sounds like a sheep.

#13-Above-Captured this one on two recorders sounds like singing or humming.

#14-Above-Turn up your speakers!





Investigation (Smyrna House)

#1-Above-This was in response to one of our investigators asking "Where is that light coming from?" ...Fiddlesticks!

#2-Above-Can you figure out what happened to Henry?

#3-Above-We were discussing how to recreate a shadow seen earlier and captured this...male laugh and female "it's me"




Attwoods/Blue Coat Inn Dover, DE

#1-Above-"Dododo" whatever that means, but seems to be trying a little to talk.

#2-Above-Sounds like "I don't feel good" maybe has something to do with the way some people died there.

#3-Above-Maybe has something to do with the way we were trying to leave and clean up

#4-Above-One investigator opened a door that has been locked for years and asked a little boy that had been hiding in this little closet to come out and he did.

#5-Above-A very nice evp. 





Elsmere, DE


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